Rex Jhrohdan Forte
Rex Forte
Some attributes
First Weapon(s):

Dark Jedi <Black with White Outline> Darksaber,Chain-Sabers,Lightsaber Club,Lightsaber Tonfa,Long Handle Lightsaber

Second Age:23

Species:Karkarodon/Human/Miraluka Hybrid

Third Force Abilities:Spear of Midnight Black,Force Destruction,Force Choke,Telekinesis,Force Jump,Force Orb,Saber Barrier,Force Speed,Force Storm(Wormhole),Force Phantom,Force Phase,
Other attributes
Fourth Being part Karkarodon his strength is beyond human level,he also has gills along his neck that he keeps hidden under his collar that allow him to breathe underwater.Also being part Miraluka, he was born with only one eye the other he keeps covered. An advantage to being part Miraluka is his unique force ability to see through physical objects, and "see" intentions and heart state of anyone, and also sense through force concealment.
Fifth Peeve:He has a habit of making lighsabers during the free time he has. He has a closet full of old lightsabers and Blueprints, the ones he is most proud of are his Chain-Sabers.
Sixth Fighting Style:Jar'Kai,Trispzest

Form Type:Niman