This is where you can launch ships by putting down a generator. You must have a link to the page where you found the generator, otherwise your ship will not able to go to other planets.

Role PlayEdit

Darth Morten - There will only be Sith and darkness.
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"I am going to create my ship. I found the Generator while ambushing Clone NPCs in Coruscant's Skies."*puts generator down using the Force* *it automatically transforms into a replica of the Clone ship, but with the Sith symbol.* *Darth Morten enters the ship, naming it Exterminator...*

Light Tanaka - TimeLord
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He places the generator he found at the [Tech shop] with the force and says 'I'm creating my ship, if anyone would like to object my claim, go ahead' he mutters the last bit and the generator turns into a Jedi Starfighter and he enters and zooms off

Rex Forte
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He slowly walks into the area with a dark vibe around him and places the generator he found at [1]. He then sat down and began floating lightly above the ground as his ship began transforming. "I'm glad I can get off this chaotic planet finally."he then walked in to his vessel, put in the coordinates and flew off.